Lambdas, JavaScript

(2018-12-16. Index.)

Blah blah blah. And so I replaced the PureScript code and the Monaco editor used for the lambda things with some JavaScript and CodeMirror. Something to do with liking smol things, hundreds being smoller than thousands, and so on.

Anyway there once was like a Lambda Days talk about the PureScript-and-Monaco version of the stuff. So things like these slides are in some sense vaguely out of date.

Like, that is, links to code and such should work. Links in the direction of lambda editors that run in the browser now lead to JavaScript-and-CodeMirror version. Which mostly doesn’t like matter, since they work pretty much the same. The latest PureScript-and-Monaco version of the stuff is tagged as monaco-and-ps. It can be checked out or downloaded and should like run just fine from local filesystem.

(The code currently in use is mostly the stuff in this Glitch project. Is JavaScript so I don’t know what I’m doing etc. But like Glitch is nice.)